🚀 DISCOUNTSALES2020 SEPT BMW deals 9/22 :Best ///M car deals | i3 BEV $199 +tax, incept. for NY! M2 CS build!

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Very interested in the m4 comp vert or m4cs. Would prefer the vert as I only autox 4 or 5x a year but need to get a car for the wife first. Wish the vert lease was as aggressive as the cs!! Trying to wrap up the wife’s car (rav4 hybrid) in the next few days. If m4s are still around then I’ll reach out

Is it possible to work trades into these deals or does that become too complicated. I have a 2017 audi s3 prestige w/23k miles I’d be getting rid of. Previous BMW and Porsche owner if that qualifies me for any incentives.

Is the X5 M Sport 3 row?

Actually I got this type of questions few times, thanks!

This is a small sample of the inventory I can access which is why I indicate “several builds” next to most of the models for new cars.

The loaner page I update frequently and are specific cars/suvs.

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Interested in 750MSport and X5Ms that you have in stock. How do we get started and can you ship to WA?

Get an online quote for shipping.

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Yes, I can work in trades with the dealer, no problem! I would still try carvana or vroom if they are still buying cars outright.

Hearing rumblings from a few dealers that BMW canceled all June allocations, and the US won’t get new cars until September.
Bonus cash may disappear for them until then, which means dealer discounts may weaken as they try to limit money-loser deals. Who knows…

Thanks for the surprisingly insane month so far!


Interested in the X3. Cant send you a message past 120 characters. Please message me.

I think only the subject can’t be more than 120 characters. Message can be longer.


It actually helps me if everyone changes the subject to the car you are looking for so I can find you again easier when scrolling through the PMs. Thanks!

Please send me a Private Message with:

Color/options preferences
Zip code
Miles needed
MSDs or no MSDs
Loyalty or Conquest
Any other incentive you may qualify for ex. new grad, penfed, OL, etc.

Heard anything about whether they’ll just move on to 21s?

I haven’t heard about 2021s yet…I do see a lot of 2020s still just sitting at the ports waiting to be trucked out of there.

LAST i8 deal pending to LH member!


These deals are amazing

Check that, 2019 i8 coupe back to available again! Must have excellent credit!

Hey, Pm’d you!

I get these PMs frequently:

Out of State deals are possible but only for models exceeding $75k. It’s not worth it to ship a 330, x1, etc. because shipping will eat into your discount. On more expensive cars and M cars where dealers are not buyer-friendly, it may make more sense to ship from the Northeast region to you.

Also there is no pull ahead so just wait until you lease is up

I sent u a pm

Loaners added:

2020 330 Msport portimao blue!
2020 X7 cheap!
2019 X5 5.0 Msport I want!
2020 X3m40i Pending sale


Pm sent on the i8

Pm’d you about some cars I’m ready to move on.

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