🚀 DISCOUNTSALES2020 Audi May Deals! ETRON and S5 blowout! NOW OPEN AND Curbside delivery available!

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What is the price per month and are there any incentives?

Also interested in acquiring info on A6 premium model.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Why can’t you msd in NY?

State law.

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@discountsales2020 where are you based? If NJ, I can lease and MSD through NJ without issues, I believe. It’s not based on where the car is registered, from what I understand.

Audi is more restrictive…can’t do MSDs if you live in NY I believe

How can I get a final number on this then, because its not clear now

What would a Q7 36/12k look like?

Message sent re: Q7

Can I get an answer on DM please?

Sent a couple messages on a Q7…

What are the lease #s on Q7 3.0?

@aleks_a, please follow @discountsales2020’s instructions.


I’ve bought from other dealerships that have try and do a Nitrogen filled charge. I’ve seen window stickers with some crazy numbers like a $400 fee. I laughed at them and they didn’t think it was funny. I told them there is absolutely no way I’m paying for this when 80% of the air you breathe is already Nitrogen! They will take it off if its a sticking point to selling the car though.

PMed you. Interested in Q7 deal

sorry for the delay…Audi deals are better this month than last. Incentives got worse, but the dealer is motivated to move units to hit a semi-annual number. I will update the incentives tomorrow, but please feel free to PM me if you are looking for a specific car.

Audi has had inventory issues this year. There were almost no A4’s available early in the year, and no Q3’s are available now.

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Sent pm for Q7

Interested in the Q7

Interested in Q7 as well.

yup just send me a PM with your details