Discount to target for Jettas right now?

How much of a dealer discount is achievable on a base Jetta S auto right now? Is better than 15% achievable? Are there volume bonuses being extended to VW dealers this month? I’m wondering if it’s even possible to achieve 20-25% off dealer discount. I’m looking in CA or AZ.

Not to pull a dealer, but where’d you pull this number from?

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I think 25% is achievable on a used Jetta…


What has your research on other recent Jetta leases uncovered? Does that seem remotely possible?

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Did you already achieve 15%?

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Why are you even focused on a base Jetta instead of finding the best value for your dollars?

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Also curious what research led you to a 15% off MSRP starting point? With the idea of obtaining another 5-10% off MSRP.

Since your looking in CA, have you looked at @rubbergash spreadsheet link in the marketplace? Being a dealer that has helped quite a few LH’ers recently you can quickly figure it out if your target discount is within reason.

I signed two Jettas at around 25% off dealer discount in 2016 and 2017. Probably (certainly?) not achievable now and I would appreciate any data points from others on what the market looks like. One dealer is close to 15% with me.

That’s possible on a CPO (previously titled)

What’d you have in mind?

No I get this on new cars routinely. And now is the time of the month to find a dealer who is willing to take a loss leader to reach a target.

I think the base Jetta is a great car with everything you need and they drive well. Today’s modern cars are such a marvel for what they offer at a low price point.

Yes, I have achieved 15%.

I am looking for data points. I’d appreciate if anyone here can share their recent Jetta transactions here.

If @rubbergash is willing to write me this deal, he’ll have a customer :grinning: for my 3rd Jetta

Proof by close of business or lies and chicanery. Consider this your job application.


Two thousand sixteen was an anomaly year for VW deals due to Dieselgate.


I really should have picked up a GTI back then.

My 2016 GTI was a lemon :lemon:

That’s not how it works. You do the the research and post a deal if you want it reviewed.

Most dealerships haven’t been on stair step incentives since March.

It sounds like you are disconnected from the realities of car buying/leasing in the past six months.

My one ownership experience with VAG was a 2006 A3 Sportback with a 6MT I bought new. I had to get it repaired once during my 9 years (but admittedly low 37k miles). That car was one of my favorites. Overall I’d roll the dice again, and may end up with a Mk 8 GTI with a 6MT when they are finally launched.

Oh I agree, I got a bad one. As long as it didn’t have whatever VW called driver assistance (an antique designed for the 2009 Touareg and pulled from the US market and poorly adapted to the Golf platform) I’d get another one. I also had the Performance Package and the adjustable suspension, I wouldn’t pay for that again next time (who am I kidding, I didn’t end up pay for it last time).