Discount on 21' X3 with X3 2022 Launch Imminent

Hello Fellow Hackrs,

I always wondered, what would the discount look like on previous year model once the '22 X3 launches (presumably late August-September). I am thinking of waiting for newer model to come through so that I can get little lease friendly deals on '21


BTW - What’s your impressions for LCI ? 2022 BMW X3 and X4 Get Cosmetic Upgrades, Bigger Grilles

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From what I can recall, BMW will stop taking 2021 orders soon. Given the inventory shortages and delays going on right now, unless its been on the dealer lot for ages, you may or may not find that big discount you are hoping to get.

To me, the LCI 2022 X3 looks ok but its not a real difference compared to the 2021.

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i have been told the x3 orders have already been closed, several weeks now, but maybe thats just slots spoken for. but given inventory being what it is, it feels like there wont be much in the way of discounts from most.

i found a 2020 x3 on a lot, had been there for over a year, and they were insisting on the same pricing as if it was a newly arrived 2021.

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