Discount on 2019 BMW X1 xdrive 28i loaner 4500 miles

Good morning, What is a reasonable discount to negotiate (excluding rebates) on a loaner 2019 BMW X1 4500 miles? The MSRP is $43945. I would greatly appreciate your input!

The search bar with the term “BMW X1 loaner” sorted by latest brought up these in the top 5 most recent results. Next time try searching.

I’d shoot for at least 18%.


Good Morning, Here is the lease quote I got from a dealer on a loaner 2019 BMW X1 x28i 4500 miles

MSRP $43,945
Selling price $36,945
Rebate $3250
10kmiles, 36 months
7 MSDs ($2800)
Dealer did not include MF and residual on the quote, but Oct base should be 0.00128 and 58% (Edmunds)
Dealer is asking for $382/month incl. tax, $4146 at signing (incl $2800 MSDs, $639 fees/insurance, $325 upfront tax, and $382 first month payment).

When I pug the numbers into the leasehackr calculator, I get $340 incl. tax. The MSDs show up in the calculator as $2450, and not $2800 quoted by the dealer. Can someone please shed light on the reason for this discrepancy ($340 vs. $382, and the difference in MSD value).

Also is this a good deal?

They are marking up the MF on you, also causing msd to bump up

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Is the MF negotiable or is my only option to decline at this stage?

Bringing a marked up money factor down to the base rate is negotiable, although they are not required to give you the base rate.

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