Discount of MSRP same for Selling vs Leasing?

Do dealers discount more for selling the car vs. leasing ?

It depends. Some manufacturers have different incentive programs which offer deeper discount for buy vs lease and this impacts pricing. (Volvo wants to lease you a vehicle, Ford wants to sell you one, at least it’s been that way for the last 6 months).

Discount off MSRP before incentives should be the same.


wow really - what if the lease incentive difference is somewhat big compared to sale?
i was looking at some ES deals and lease cash is $5000 currenty so the dealer was only less than 6% off MSRP before rebates. i think thats kinda ridiculous for 2017 with end of life model being 2018.

Contact multiple dealers, best way to find out what you should realistically expect. If he’s giving you a different selling price before incentives for leasing and Selling, he’s playing with you. Whichever is the lower can be done for both methods and in that case he can probably go lower!

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The Discount from MSRP won’t differ from Lease to Buy unless they are trying to make more Money. For example Toyota lease contracts don’t disclose Sale price so its easy to hide numbers.

But Sale price should remain the same. The Rebates do differ from Lease to Buy in most cases.

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I’ve had dealers tell me’ “no, we’re not discounting it, your already getting a $xxxx rebate”. Whatever, bye.

it realy is situational, some dealers will discount less on a purchase because of the rate they are offering, when doing a lease you can discount more and mark up the MF alot (profit for the dealer) but show a bigger discount.

Yes, like the MD mile one Mercedes dealers. Great prices but typically double the MF.

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A lot of times there will be extra lease incentives compared to purchasing. If so, I’ve found it’s useful to negotiate as if you’re purchasing the vehicle and then let the dealer know you’d like to lease.

I had the exact same question. I went into a dealership a couple of days ago and they said that if I buy the car I can get it for $24k but if I lease it I have to pay $26k, and I do not even see any incentives or rebates on the Nissan website for purchasing, but I do see a $2300 rebate for leasing. I feel like they were lying to me.

@nco which Nissan? You can check for incentive info.

I was looking at a 2017 Nissan Rogue AWD SV with the premium package, it had a $30k MSRP they said if I want to buy it will be $25k but if I want to lease it would be $27k. And okay I will check that out, thank you.