Did the font change?

After the whole [overloaded logout message] the font’s have changed.

Did a CSS file get left out or is this intentional?

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No we didn’t change the font, although we are hearing from selected users that they are seeing a font change. We are investigating into why the font has changed for selected users. We updated our forum software today, which might have caused it.


iPad Pro, changed this afternoon around 2-3ish eastern?


Changed for me too about half an hour ago after getting a bunch of 504 errors

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Normal on my chromebook.

changed on my end. this new font’s gotta go

Same here. Not good to use for websites.

Times new roman.

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Was the Preference->Interface option available before? I just went there to change the theme and font size and it’s better for me now (I already forgot the old look, so don’t remember if it’s exactly the same as the old or not).

Just went back to normal for me.

Is it back to normal for everyone now?

The font change was caused by the software update. We just reset everything. Hope that fixed it!


Not fixed yet.

It’s normal for me now. Finally :joy:

I’m tuning in late but I’m seeing Arial. Looks normal.

Much better. My eyes have stopped bleeding

I’m still seeing Times New Roman (using Chrome).

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Ariel on chrome mobile.

Refresh? See if that fixes it?

Refreshed, closed Chrome, cleared cookies, relaunched and seeing still this:

Had the same issues everyone was seeing (font changed, page not coming up), and went back to normal now