Did my first lease today - 2018 Audi A4

Thanks for all the info and advice in these forums. It definitely helped me at least understand most of the process, the numbers, and how they arrive on them.

I don’t know how well I did (I assume not well enough for most here) but I can live with it. I at first had my heart set on a Stinger GT but my mind took over and I got a better-equipped car with a nicer interior and tech, and from a better company for less money (even though the MSRP was actually higher than the Stinger).

I’m sorry I don’t have some of the numbers in front of me but the gist is:

2018 Audi A4 Quattro
Premium Plus + Navigation pack + Sport pack + 19" Wheels
36 mo/12k miles
MSRP $50,475

$489 + tax
$2500 drive off

I am equally excited and scared to own this car (for the next 3 years).

So $600/month for an A4


Enjoy the car! 202020

Congrats and enjoy ! Its your first car and the deal being an Audi is good. Next time, spend some time here before walking in to a dealership as you will also have a car loan on ur credit. This forum doesnt help if you post a deal after you have signed it.

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Congratulations, post photos in the trophy garage.

The stinger competes with the s5. So I feel you went down a notch with A4.

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Why are you scared to own it?

Congrats though!

GT2, not GT…

I based the deal off of the quotes from Ivan in the SoCal Audi thread (SoCal AUDI Fleet Price) and came out ahead of what he was posting that people were excited about and saying were good deals (for Audi). I know I could’ve gotten a better price on a loaner Infiniti but after test driving different vehicles all week this (and the Stinger) really were my top choices.

I agree it competes with the S5 Sportsback, but while I’m going down a notch in horsepower I’m going up a notch in company, dealership, interior refinement, and tech.

Never owned a luxury (to me) brand before, parents never did…it’s a big deal and feels a little strange right now.

What was your sales price? The quote you linked was for a Q5, not A4.

The stinger interior was just awarded the top Ward interior award. Also, Peter Shreyer who designed the stinger is “Mr. Audi” himself :slight_smile: He was the chief designer for Audi with cars like the TT and A4 under his belt.