Did i get screwed? (tesla model 3 highland 2024)

Congratulations. Out of the 3 trims available, you decided to pick the one trim that has a bonus incentive even though that’s literally the worst one to go for right now because of no packages + bloated MSRP. We’ve talked on and on about how the SE and the Limited make more sense but I see that this entire topic is going to be stupid arguments made for no reason.

The SE and Limited trims have $7500 lease cash. SEL (and only AWD) has additional $2500. Boohoo.

So I post a comparison of what packages go would be an apples to apples comparison with a Tesla model 3 and you really just go off. Huh.

I don’t know why I thought this forum is one where people came together to help each other and not just spew venom without any facts or logic to back their shit up. Same goes for you @9benua . I never even said I’m buying/leasing a Tesla. I just put facts out there that it gives you more for a similar price. I even went out and said that the i4 makes more sense if you’re ok paying a bit more and want more luxury and the Ioniq 6 SE makes perfect sense if you don’t care about any of these. But again, keyboard warriors will be just that.

Instead of arguing how much you can only get based on your assumption, have you even try to construct your deal, send out and see what dealer will do. Umm Scratch that, it’s easier to just sign your tesla and be done. Obviously you have no intention to learn and get the best deal you can possible get, so why bother asking.

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Bahaha. Thank you and have a nice day :slight_smile:

I don’t know where you live, nor do I care at this point, but in at least 3 major markets the Io6 SEL and Limited both have $10,000 lease cash. Your location would have been obvious if you’d had the common decency to start a new thread with correct tags instead of jacking someone else’s. Trust me, no one’s going to sift through your million words of useless verbiage to find it.

So much snark from someone always doubling down and tripling down instead of attempting to learn anything. The fact that you cited the Hyundai website as your source is downright embarrassing.

If people based their pricing from OEM websites and assumed no discounts like you’ve been doing this forum wouldn’t need to exist. That’s not hacking. That’s just being gullible. And uninformed.

You’re sitting there congratulating yourself on pwning someone online, you don’t even realize you’ve burned your bridges and blown your chance to learn how to hack. Now you’ll be overpaying on every car for the rest of your life.

You won’t find another forum where anyone actually wanting to learn and not just making performative noises about it gets this much help to learn an extremely valuable lifelong skill.

Ignored from now on.

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Angry? I don’t see how I’m angry. You’re making up stats lol. Argue with sources or don’t

Shitting on later generations…classic boomer moment.

What do you want exactly? Do you want the IONIQ 6 SEL for the same payment as the Model 3 RWD or a limited?

Run it’s course, OP’s gone