Did I get a good deal on my new TLX? Signed!

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:2020 Acura TLX V6 Tech FWD
MSRP: $41,095
Monthly Payment: $379.83
Drive-Off Amount: $778
Annual Mileage:10000
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

The MF in your post and calculation is incorrect. Acura MF is 0.00225.

If the numbers are true, username checks out: dad has won. But a 41k TLX? Isn’t this like an Accord Touring?

Yeah but a last gen 2017 Accord Touring with a worse transmission.

Not even SH-AWD :sob: At least he has the ELS stereo.


The dealer bought down my rate to get me to a 379 payment

I’ve never heard of that. Can you double check your contract and let us know what it says for rent charge?

$2,983.84 rent charge

Rent charge is Cap cost + residual * MF * term. What was your exact cap cost?

If I use $30k + $20,958 * .0013 I get $2384 for rent charge.

But it definitely can’t be .00225 because that would be $4127. So it definitely sounds like they somehow reduced your MF. @aspec1 any ideas???

Cap Cost 30,466

Is your lease through Acura financial or through a third party bank?

Acura and I was a returning lessee if that makes a diff. They also paid of my lease i had 5 payments left as well

Hey Idk where that money factor is coming from but I really wish I had it. my deals would be much cheaper lol The only way you could drop a money factor is if your a coming out of a honda or acura lease which only drops it too .00215 or if you put a security deposit down to lower it to .00215 but Acura doesnt buy down the rate. That would be considered MSDs which Acura unfortunately doesnt do. I wish they did believe me I would be posting it up lol

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But hey if you already took the car and you got a much lower payment compared to what it really is supposed to be than kudos to you, they did a mistake and there is nothing they can do about it lol

Interested in how dealer adjusted MF so low as others have said. Would have jumped on an RDX if my dealer could have done this for me :laughing:

You think they just wanted it off the lot since the redesign is 2021? And like others said its FWD and i’m in the midwest?

Yeah this is the only thing that’s stopped me from hacking an Acura. If true this is HUGE.

@DadsGoingToWin you have WON and have stumped the LeaseHackrs :laughing: Any additional info you could provide would be really appreciated by the community!

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Hopefully the contract doesn’t get rejected because of the mf

Lol contract wont be rejected especially if he signed through an Ipad thats instant funds for the dealer and its done they cant do anything about it. Also if they try to tell you to bring the car back tell them no you have a signed lease agreement you can even tell them you can go to court and trust me you will win there is nothing the dealer can do.

Im late to post this, I signed on the 13th this month…(Friday the 13th in fact) Accounts set up at so I think I’m good. Again could it be I am a returning lessee. I work for a bank in commercial finance and know their cost of funds in no way can exceed 2.75% even marked up

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I would have been a returning lessee also and base MF was .00215 on all deals offered to me. Somehow they lowered yours though so enjoy it!