Did I get a good deal-And will I have any equity--Lease payment

Hi, hoping someone can answer this questions, as trying to determine if in the end of lease I may have some equity in car as I dont want to lease anymore and would want to buy my next car.

Original Deal

2017 Toyota Tacoma
Rebate-1500 and 465.00 equity from previous lease
Adjusted Cap Cost-34239.63
Residual 25,978
Rent 4270.68

Down Payment-First months payment only. Nothing else out of pocket

Monthly payment 369 with taxes

As for equity at end of lease, I will only use 25,000 miles total of the original 45K due to I changed jobs and take a bus to work now.

please let me know thoughts on A and B

is it 4x4 V6? SR5 or TRD series?

No, no and no.

lol. Thanks. How much should I have paid

TRD not a 4X4

Probably not. You should never go into a lease wanting equity (that would mean you’re overpaying against the vehicle’s depreciation curve and the residual was deflated, so that’s nonsensical). You also never want to purchase 15k miles/year hoping you’ll have equity — cause it lowers your residual — and then only drive half of the miles you bought. Overall not a good strategy for leasing so maybe just consider buying it out if you want to own it forever

Search trd tacoma here and you will see payments in 250 range

Just think of the numbers. You have a 3 year old truck and only discounted about 30% after three years, so no chance. Many manufacturers have inflated RV to make leasing more appealing including Toyota.

Look up your exact truck on any used car website and I’m sure you can get it cheaper than your buy out right now from another deal.

I get the appeal of keeping your vehicle and knowing the history, but the numbers just don’t work.

Thanks, wasnt buying extra miles hoping for equity. Just happened to switch jobs and the commute is real bad so instead of driving started using public transport and now really putting hardly any miles on car due to that

Overage, mileage (within reason) has limited impact on value… maybe $1-$2k… but if the car is worth 5k less; it doesn’t matter.