Did I get a good deal? 2018 Audi Q5 Tech Premium (SoA)


Hi All - First-time poster here, please go easy :slight_smile: and thanks in advance!

Went back and forth with a few dealerships and finally got the following offer - hoping for some validation/advice:

MSRP: $49,550.00
Cap Cost: $45,093.31
10,000 miles/year
39 Month Lease

$1000 Loyalty
$1500 “Bonus Cash”
$750 Season of Audi

Deal: $525.93/month with $2600 down for the first month, Bank fee, registration, dealer conveyance.!

This INCLUDES Audi Care and I got them to throw in all weather mats (Front and rear).

Vehicle options:

Premium Plus Package

  • Audi Side Assist w/Pre Sense Rear
  • Full LED Headlights
  • Panoramic Sunroof w/Tilt/Slide & Power Sunshade
  • High Gloss Window Surrounds
  • Parking System Plus
  • 3-Step Heated Front Seats
  • Stainless Steel Door Sills
  • Rear Cross Traffic Assist
  • Vehicle Exit Assist

Wheels: 8" x 19" 5-Arm-Wing Design Wheel

  • Tires: 235/55R19 101H AS

Cold Weather Package

  • 3-Step Heated Rear Seats
  • Heated 3-Spoke Multifunction Steering Wheel

Included Options

Audi Beam-Rings

Black Privacy Trunk Cover

Snapshot from the deal sheet:

Not great at all, you need a higher discount before rebates and incentives are applied

Damn, I thought 9.5% off MSRP was pretty good…

What are you basing your comment on? Where do you see wiggle room?

I would aim for 11%-12% off MSRP before rebates and incentives are applied.

Not terrible given how Audi’s lease. It’s not easy to get a great deal with them. You’re lucky to even be getting any kind of incentives. A lot of their cars have none.

I was quoted $490/mo (including tax of 5.5%) for 36mo, 10k miles per year on a very similar car with $2k DAS. I thought I could do better and passed on that deal personally.

Did you end up doing better? I was working with 4 different dealers and when I suggested something remotely close to what you suggested, 550 with only first mont DAS, I was told good luck…