Did I do well? 2020 GLE *signed* 20 GLE350 Loaner

Hi everyone, did I do well? Worried because this is my first lease. Pretty basic 2020 GLE350. 5k miles. Ex-loaner. $5,000 discount on MSRP (MSRP was $57,3XX). Did the max MSDs. $701 per month including tax. $0 down. (I don’t think I was charged an acquisition or disposition fee).

The one-pay lease would have saved me about $1,000 over the 3 years, what do you all think about the one-pay lease?

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10% off on a demo with 5k miles is not the strongest tbh. One-pays can have a benefit for sure but if you have $25K on hand you should consider if you can do more with that money over 3 years vs. a savings of $36 a month.

I tried to get more off, but they wouldnt do any better. Said it was a hot car and would immediately sell

Nothing hot about that car. 10% off is not enough on a loaner. What state was this?

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Hot not at all, there is a recall on them also. Never put so much money down on a Lease.

Your worry wouldn’t matter if you’ve signed. Do we assure your worry when you have absolutely nothing you can do?
Don’t ask if you signed the car, period. Next time, come here ask before you sign.

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