DFW Metro, possibly looking for a MB

I’ve got a $1K cert from an old MB card due to expire at the end of the month and am possibly looking to use it on a MB lease. Any tips or tricks for a Texas (DFW metro) shopper? Open to anything reasonable with a nice low payment!

Look for a forum that discusses leases, then read and do research before shopping.


Okay, I deserved that for being really vague on my OP.

Backstory: After several glaring drivability issues with my current vehicle, I’m being offered a lemon buyout and while I’m not in a hurry to buy or lease another (spouse works within walking distance — we could do the one car thing for a time), if the right deal were to materialize on an MB in time for me to use said certificate I could reasonably move on it fairly quickly.

I’d like to get into an E class (Not against a C though) for the right price and was more wondering what kind of deals have been available lately in the DFW metro by other users but am not against taking a flyer for the right deal.

$1000 certificate is $30-$40/mo savings, depending on length of lease, hardly that much of a reason to jump into a car if you don’t even need it. Besides, BMW leases are much better this month.

I’m curious to see how much sales will dive in May after the spigot turns off at the end of April.

Looking on local dealer websites I’m noticing this.

I do see some pretty decent deals on BMW loaners and demo cars (but not sure of criteria on lease eligibility on those)

This is a lease forum, if you see it on here it’s for lease.

The criteria is on the board…you’ll need to search for it.

Generally speaking, if the car has less than 5,000 miles, all incentives are applicable and the car can be leased. Anything over 5,000 miles, the car can be leased, but you lose all incentive money and need a very significant dealer discount to make a lease attractive as RV also decreases significantly. It’s not impossible to do, but probably not worth your time to try unless you have something smacking you in the face.

5,000, got it. I kinda figured 10K was more the cutoff but this is good to know! Now, what about lease support concerning MY? I don’t suppose a demo ‘17 would qualify anymore, would it?

Technically 10,000 IS the cutoff, but there’s also a 9% residual hit + mileage penalty, along with loss of all incentive money, so unless the dealership is giving you a 45% discount, there’s probably no point in looking. Stick with anything under 5k.

Anything 2017 is over, and was over in March, 2018. 2018 will end this month. All you’ll be able to lease in May is a 19 or 20.

Keep in mind, this varies by Captive, but nobody is leasing a 2017 anymore, and very few will lease you an 18.

Are the best deals typically found amongst the loaner and demo discards or is it worth also looking at “0 mile” examples?

Seriously, have you searched at all? Practically every other thread this month is about BMWs.

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Mostly looking at the dealer website now. I’ve just kind of started looking but will look at some threads to gain some insight on what’s feasible vs what I’d be willing to part with.

I’ve got some offers cooking right now, will post as soon as I get them back.

Determined that I’m looking for a 2018 X3, or 3/4/5 series under 5K miles with a healthy MSRP reduction (I’m not super picky on options or colors but would like to get value for my money) and try to apply as many incentives as possible.

I’m fairly certain I qualify for Tier 1 interest rates (FICO’s all in low 800’s) but How do MSD’s work with BMW? What about One Pay’s?

Without loyalty you might as well look for 3-series with 5,000-7,500 miles as long as the discount makes sense

7,500 still qualifies for good incentives?

No, above 5,000 has no incentives AFAIK.

Gotta get a bigger discount to compensate. Look at the 640Xi GT posted in Marketplace for example