Depreciation claim Ally lease?

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We have a ALLY lease on a 2020 STELVIO TI SPORT AWD. We have a AUTONATION offer of $41k and some change. The dealer buyout is 37 and change. My wife was just sideswiped by a GOODWILL trucker. About 4K worth of damage. I am going to dump the car for another lease before Carfax goes bad. Has anyone successfully received a depreciation claim on a lease you have equity in?? Once carfax shows an accident I will no longer have the equity…

Any input? In the market for a lease on a nice SUV 400-500 monthly with 3-5k down. by the way!

It’ll still have to be repaired before you sell it. It doesn’t matter that it hasn’t hit carfax, you’ll have to disclose that it was in an accident. It is one of the questions you have to ask, if you lie and then they find out they can come after you for the difference you got because you falsified the information.

Super classy of you to try to flip the car before the damage shows up on Carfax. You are a person of great integrity :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:

Why not drop any outward pretense of decency and just sue Goodwill?


Not only that - he also wants to get diminished value money from Ally, as I understand.

  1. glad nobody was hurt
  2. If you think after being sideswiped, they won’t be able to spot the body work and will just rely on the carfax…:woozy_face:

It is getting fixed. That has nothing to do with my question tho. Question is about depreciation claim with the lease

FLORIDA MAN sues Goodwill charities for depreciation on car he never owned.


It’ll buff out…

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What makes you think you have right to diminished value on a car you don’t own and are just renting?

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I’m curious as to what makes you think you’re entitled to diminished value on an asset that you don’t own.

You can try to get diminished value, but I wouldn’t guarantee it.

Fixed that for you. ________^

Wow Diminished Value on a rented car…nice.

Yep exactly. Does not hurt. If I did not have equity it would be a different story

If I did not have equity it would be a different story . I have equity that will be gone now that there is an accident. Same thing if I " owned " the car

Fixed that for you. It’s a rented car , it still isn’t yours.


Technically, YOU don’t have equity…the bank does since it’s their car. THEY just give you the option to sell it if you so desire.

There’s no free lunch. The bank took the risk on the car. You got into an accident. They’ll take the hit on the resale value because it’s theirs, not yours. That doesn’t entitle you to diminished value. If anyone, it’s their diminished value claim.


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