Demonstration vs Loaner Units. Any difference in negotiating discount?

What would y’all consider a decent dealer discount on a ‘18 demo unit? I know consensus is 16-20% on loaners pre incentives; would you consider demos in same boat? It seems pretty easy to get 4-7% off MSRP on instock, 0 mile units but how about a GM demo with 2000 miles?

Matt, you’ve been a member of this forum for almost a year now, and I’m stunned how there is basically none of the usual details included for what you’re looking for in a vehicle other than a mention of GMC?

Think if you saw this post, how would you begin to help the person asking this question???

You should be including your state / region, the vehicle model or type (e.g. sedan, SUV etc) your looking for, and the exact model or packages you want in the vehicle for people to evaluate and help guide you.

I asked in general fashion b/c I was seeking a general response from those that have had experiences leasing a demo, have they found dealers to treat those units the same as loaner units in regards to discount? Having leased a loaner previously, I found starting at 15% discount off MSRP to be an easy starting point. Now, more specifically, on a 2018 GMC Acadia SLT2 AWD, MSRP 47185, advertised as “demo” w/ 2000 miles, the dealer quoted 6% discount - basically GM Supplier, plus the 3250 in lease incentives w/ MF and RV all on point (according to Edmunds). Basically the car is pricing out as a new, zero mile unit would - $499 w/ $499 DAS. MA Sales tax included.

I’m just wondering whether there’s a difference (generally) in a demo unit vs loaner unit (ie is a demo unit not titled in state thus considered new by the manufacturer, etc.).

I’ve got no qualms going back and asking for a 10%+ discount but just wanted to hear if there was any specific experiences relative to demo vs loaner.

Happy to amend title if that adds clarification.

Thank you for feedback, as always.

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I’m working on a similar deal here in Nebraska and I’m wondering the same.