Demo with over 10k miles


I was researching bimmer demo vehicles and came across a couple '19 models with over 10k miles.

I understand these are basically new cars but the LHC only allows for 9999 maximum demo miles. Why is that?

The post’s comments from the dealer clearly state that it’s an executive demo that can be leased so I’m just curious as to why the calculator maxes out at that mileage?

BMW loaners with over 9999 miles cannot be leased.


A dealer placing a misleading ad…inconceivable.

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Even at 9k the fine is so high that it almost never makes sense to lease.
Below 7,500 mi, it depends how deep is the discount to compensate for loss of the leasing incentive.
I don’t understand why those brass hat deals are allowed to be used into such high mileage. Maybe they go cheap on the internal dealer’s auction so they can still make money on it.

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It was something absurd like 30% off msrp

But why doesn’t it make sense? It’s a year old car and if anything were to go wrong it’d be covered under warranty. Isn’t that the beauty of leasing anyway? Let it be someone else’s permanent headache.

Because the lease payment is ridiculously high

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Depending on which model, but 30% off usually isn’t enough to make up for the massive RV hits and lots of incentives.

No rebates on anything with more than 5k plus the residual gets whacked too much, there’s a thread somewhere that spells it out

Even that’s not enough to offset the depreciation sadly. Used bimmers aren’t worth peter. Might be worth a buy if CPO included.

I’ve gotten a decent enough understanding on the leasing portion but demo’s are what’s still confusing. Must they be around 5k miles to be considered worth leasing and trying to get somewhere near 18-20% off msrp? Or has all that reading I’ve done never sunk in?

Shoot I didn’t specify. This was a '19 X2 sDrive28i.

If strong incentives: 5K or less. If poor incentives but high discount 5-7,499 may be worth a look. My recommendation ends there because the discounts rarely offset the RV drop going past that.

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