Demo Lease with 22K miles?

Was just given a quote (pre-negotiations) from a local Audi dealer on a 2019 Q7 demo (new supposedly). It has 22,000 miles! I’m thinking run away before even trying to hack numbers etc. has anyone seen anything like this before? I thought life for a demo should end around 5-6k miles.

It does, you usually cannot lease outside of a mileage restriction, for Volvo and BMW at least it’s 10k for their financial services. You probably shouldn’t either, unless they are offering 50% off msrp. However it sounds like this is an old demo unit, out of mileage bounds, etc

@kiel_werking I want to see this lease worksheet for a demo with 22k miles. Can you post it?


Sorry on the earlier post…tried to paste the image from my phone and it didn’t work. Here is a pic of the quote after cropping out the dealer info:

link to car

Too many things don’t sound right… 2019 CPO with 20k miles on it, 42 mth lease quote, ~32% discount… not a very compelling deal. Also missing info - RV, MF…

That’s less bad that I expected. Still ridiculously high for a 22k mile car though.


Is this a Texas deal?

yes - we are in Texas - 75093.

Not a great deal, and that term will put you out of warranty before term end depending on when it was punched.

Should be Exhibit A when people ask “Can I lease a used or CPO car?”

Compared to most of those, this is almost tame.