Demo lease questions

I leased a demo Buick envision Essence model with panoramic sunroof and navigation With AWD for $411 $820 down includes first payment and taxes fees and what not . I’ve noticed there are some minor scratches on the car some more noticeable than the others but you have to be closer to the car to notice what can you do about this can you tell the dealer to discount it even more because of this wear and tear or is this how demos lease should be?

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If you already signed it’s too late…

a demo is not a new car, some signs of wear should be expected. If you’re saying they are only noticeable really up close then I’m not sure what you’re expecting. What you can tell them if it bothers you to see if they can buff it out. But they’re not going to discount after the fact.

out of goodwill the dealer will buff the car. They will definitely not give you a discount.