Demo BMW 2016 328i xDRIVE Lease $305

Hi, just sharing the lease I signed for a demo 2016 328i xDrive with 4,000 miles, since this forum helped me so much.

MSRP: $47,145
Selling: $38,019
Residual 63% before milage adjustment
MF: 0.00085 (after 7 MSDs of $2,450 total)
Monthly Price:$305 before taxes
Acquisition Fee: $925
Doc Fee $419
Registration Fees: $310
Unfortunately none of the dealers I worked with in NJ agreed to reduce the fees.

Well no dealer can reduce the acq fee below what BMWFS charges or reduce what the state charges for reg.

Unfortunately $350-450 seems to be the going rate for doc fees in NJ, the positive being that the net selling price still seems to below NYS dealers who are capped at $75 (and they are barred from accepting MSDs so that’s another form of savings in NJ or neighboring states)

Congratulations on the car and enjoy it.

Thanks. Good to know that I’ve not been completely ripped off on the fees.

However, next time you will get a loyalty discount of $1k to offset the fees if you re-lease a BMW. Great deal by the way with no loyalty, fleet or other discounts.

NJ doc fees are high. PA dealers charge around $100.