Demo 330i Email Negotation Struggle

Hey guys,

I’m struggling a little bit on negotiating BMW deal. I’m a first time negotiator for leasing, just tried my luck at emailing the sales manager at a dealer. Don’t know if I’m doing it incorrectly, but I asked the dealership only for their “best price” before incentives and the best price they gave me was the one exactly on the website. MSRP of car is $44,xxx and the price they had on there was $39,xxx.

This is a 330i loaner with about 3500 miles on there and I’m struggling to think about ways that I can tell the manager to go lower. Any advice? I would appreciate any assistance you guys can offer. Thanks!

This thread will blow up as they all do with new folks.

In order to avoid that, please just do a touch of research on other deals shared in your region for the same car.

BMW 3s should be the easiest thing to find here.

I’m going to be a jerkstore for a second-
If anyone has to ask for the BMW MF on the 17th of the month, it indicates they have not searched any threads.


You should ask for the MF in Edmunds first and then compare it with the one they give you.

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They’re running out of you!

@mhwang30 - check out this thread.

Wording Emails for the Deal?


Thanks, I’ll do some more due dilligence

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Reply back with the offer YOU want. They aren’t going to go deep just because you asked for their best price. Everyone asks for the best price.


They gave you exactly what you asked for, the price that is best for them.



Aim for 15% off before incentives.