Demo 2018 Range Rover Sport HSE $895/month w/$5,406.45 DAS NY

Demo 2018 Range Rover Sport HSE - Indus Silver on Ebony
Has 2900 miles on it
$895/month w/$5,406.45 DAS NY 39m/10k

What’s the breakdown of that DAS? Are there MSDs making it almost 6k?

without a large down payment the monthly will be higher.

-every quote i ever received for jaguar, LR, audi, acting like they are cluing me in on THE secret to life

1st Month Payment 895.00
Acquisition Fee 695.00
DMV, Tire fee, Inspection 412.00
Upfront Taxes 3,404.45

Makes sense on large DAS due to the NY up-front taxes.