DeLorean Alpha5

Welp, if you hated how manufacturers called their swoopy 4-door hatches “coupes,” you’ll absolutely love how DeLorean is calling their 2-door (gullwing) car a “sedan.”

Not sure if I misread the measurements given in one photo, but this thing has a bizarrely short wheelbase (90 in) given the length (196 in) and is also exceedingly wide (80 in). I’m also not sure how this car will meet side-impact standards w/ a gigantic gaping hole in the side, but I’m not an engineer…

At least the gullwings are cooler.

If they can get the price to $100K or even $80K, this would sell very well I believe.

Add this to the list of concept EVs never getting built, so $80k or $8M, this is never getting in the hands of actual customers.

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Expected pricing is $175k.

I dunno, I was expecting a bit more callback to the iconic original if they are going to borrow the name. Gullwings aside, this feels disappointingly generic, especially from the front. They couldn’t even go with the classic DMC logo?

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I’ll be surprised if this ever makes it to market and really surprised if it’s ever profitable. Feels scammy to me.

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