Deleted. Please do not index

Deleted. Please do not index.

Are they good everywhere?

Hey can I get a hookup

I sent you an email, could use one. Thank you!

Are these real/legit or are you just modifying the names/#'s of existing certificates?

Would suck and be embarrassing if someone went in with one and the dealer rejects it as non-valid.

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Section Deleted due to fraud.

link? … 20 chars

Section Deleted due to fraud.]&fname=[~firstname~]&lname=[~lastname~]&expDate=[~exp~]&certCode=[~code~]&cid=EMC_OngoingAcquisitions_RX_XXXXXX_Headline

Does that help anyone?

Section Deleted due to fraud.

help a brother out!!! @chrispbacon

I don’t believe you. I saw your deleted post asking for the format of the cert numbers.

So this is bs? Ughhh

Why did you ask for promo code when the link you say you have generates it? :roll_eyes: :thinking:

oops… opportunist

Section Deleted due to “fraud.”

Poor @vhooloo… But I had warned him :slight_smile:

Thanks for warning about the fraud guys. He sent me the certificate last night and I would have taken it to the dealership today but I always check this forum before walking into a dealership!

Shoot. This kills my deal on the lc 500!!! I was so happy to get one right at 599 but now the payment goes to 627 which is unacceptable

Nah, I was talking about your info being sold :slight_smile: