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As someone who spent 3 weeks in an ICU and nearly died due to incompetent care, I can tell you with 100% confidence that I don’t give three farts what my doctor drives. I care about their abilities as a physician and diagnostician, and how they care for their patients.

Drive what makes you happy. Your job is going to be soul sucking at times, so make it a place you can transition to home and not bring work home with you.


I would expect my ICU doctor to drive something sensible and not drop $1k/month on a toy he doesn’t need.

You’re going to be tired going to and from work. Get something with a nice sound system and a comfortable ride, like a G30, A6 E Class, ES or etc, and get a second fun car like a C6 Vette.

If you want one of the cars on the list, RS3 would be fun, but buy not lease, might be kinda small for the kid though. Used ATS-Vs and Chevy SS’s are pretty reasonable too. Are patients going to even see what you drive? Employee lot at our hospital is a separate multistory.

Where do you park is a good question? I think if you work out of a private practice, where patients know who has the Ferrari out back, is in bad taste. People don’t want to be reminded that you capitalize off their illnesses.

I don’t agree with this, you worked hard to get to where you are and deserve to drive what makes you happy. I’m just pointing out public opinion on the subject.

Most of my friends that are physicians have their weekend car, and their more conservative car that they park at their practices.

With that being said I would get a 911 that will hold value and drive it occasionally to work. And then lease something sporty that’s fun for you, LT1?

Why doesn’t he need it? If he enjoys driving it’s a hobby for him. 1000/mo for someone that makes mid 6figs is equivalent to a corolla to a 80k worker.

As long as he maxes out his pre and post tax deductions, why not? He gets a sweetheart mortgage for being a physician and many get student loans forgiven after 10 years. When you work 80 hours a week the most exciting part of his day might be his commute, and it’s a good time to take his mind of more serious shit

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I’m going RS3 as it falls into your previous category and I would buy a used one.

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I could care less what anyone does, unless it’s in the p_rn industry, then it’s mildly interesting. And with regard to putting all those vehicles in your name, you must not be Jewish as that’s the exact definition of a schmuck.

You make a lot of money, debt doesn’t matter and your future income will be fine. Get what you like and makes you happy.

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I have a relative who is an anesthesiologist and drives a 2016 Mazda CX-5. She has no debt and only works twice a week for a reason. Her previous car was a 2000 Honda CR-V that was only replaced because it got totaled. Seeing as you’re up to your eyeballs in debt, another VW is likely your most fiscally responsible choice.

My neighbor is an ICU doctor and he has a Hyundai Genesis from right before it switched to its own sub brand. Don’t overextend yourself financially

Model S Plaid.

1.99 sec 0-60
200 mph top speed
1020 peak hp

What else would an ICU doc drive?

Buy it, don’t lease it.

This thread just reeks of a terrible humble brag

No one cares what you do or how much you make. Pick the vehicle that makes the most sense for you financially. If all you care about is the cool car, test drive them all and pick the one you like most.


Porsche /thread

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Nope. Not gonna do it. This place is for leasing specific questions. You want to discuss cars in general, there are better places.