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I am in Las Vegas and I am interested in taking over your lease, but I am new to leasing and was not sure about the process?

@ibryton just a heads up but with Nissan financial I believe you are still liable on the lease even if you transfer it.

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Looks like pretty good deal. You just got this car 2 month a go, what happened, why are you looking to get rid of?

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I want to take over your lease. I’m in Irvine.

Being a lawyer I may be slightly more concerned about liability than most but I could never imagine giving up a lease yet remaining liabile for the car. I would guess your liability is theoretically capped at the selling price of the car minus payments already made but who knows what fees they charge if they have to hire collectors/lawyers and go after you or the new lessee. Very unlikely to happen but if it does you are going to be out 30k-60k and insurance will not help you.

Id also be interested to know why you got this car and know want to get rid of it after 2 months.


Yea that’s the big draw back in my view of Infiniti and Audi leases in terms of transfers, you remain liable. I’m sure the majority of these transfers go fine and there are no issues but horror stories do arise.

What would be the safest way to approach this then? If someone is interested in purchasing the car I can sell it for $32,000 ,or if they only want to do the lease takeover to pay the lease upfront?

The best way is probably to transfer to someone you know/trust. I got a great deal on a 2015 Q50 ($242 after tax with $1k due at signing) and wouldn’t mind getting out early either, but I don’t want to deal with the headache that can happen, so I’m finishing out the lease. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Just curious, did you have VPP to get your deal?

Call Nissan financial to understand what liability is involved and you can decide to take the risk or not. Otherwise yea you can look to sell it, I doubt you will find a 1 pay leaser but you never know.

Try taking it to Carmax. Maybe they would offer you a price that’s close to your buyout price.

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Probably best suggestions especially is Infiniti still holds you responsible

You’re on the hook for 3 years for payments, damage, etc.

liability doesn’t transfer with Nissan / Infiniti.

I have gotten numerous inquiries for the car. I will give a call to Infiniti Financial on Monday to ask about this.

Yes VPP was included in the agreement.


Can you share your insights on the car and the reasons why your are looking to transfer so soon?

Is the car still available?

While I agree with all you have said, the one big day-to-day thing overlooked is the simple ding of the credit report that would happen should the transferee miss a payment or 2. This could be his last lease for a very long time.

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My advice is to offer it as a one pay, may be slightly less attractive, but limits your risk entirely

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It would limit it from a credit bureau standing, but not a vehicular one, or I wouldn’t think anyways, as the contract isn’t up. If transferee were to return the car with damage, couldn’t they still go after him?

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