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Don’t think you have searched this forum. You would have found both cars’ threads easily.


Yeah, I know, Im jsut looking to get them both under one thread and as up to date as possible

What do you think or are willing to pay to drive one now? If you are looking for the great lease deals on those ($488 deal on the Ghibli and ~$500 on the Hellcat), I think you’re too late to the party.

I currently pay $589/mo for my Equus and was looking to stay around 500. What are all the details of the two prices that you mentioned?

Why don’t you wait until last day to get killer deals on Hellcat or Ghibli? :slight_smile: People worked long and hard on these deals, most of the time.

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What are you basing your idea on that those 2 cars can be had for $500, especially in FL?

YOu can get a killer deal on a GM product since they are offering 3k lease conquest to Hyundai lessees :slight_smile:

In FL, the 2 cars will most likely end up around $700-720/mo (with tax) with $0 down and $2,500 in drive offs.

Asking for 2 cars on the same thread? You can’t keep track of 2 threads? Nobody gets paid here to keep threads active and combine them for you. Also, a week is pretty tight to look for deals. You basically have to work with what March is giving you.

There are 3 ways this forum works

  • (1) RV/MF request for data - if you can’t find the latest in Edmunds since these change every month


  • (2) Share a Deal - guys look at my super, awesome deal


  • (3) Ask the Hackers - I was given a quote by the dealer, here are all the data points MSRP, RV, MF, Discounts, Selling Price, Monthly, Zip Code, etc., is this a good deal?

There is a 4th one that is not too often:

  • (4) I have a $300/mo budget in (State), what should I get?
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Chris is on fire tonight. Nailed it.