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I’m in a similar boat – wait for the redesigned 2019s or get a 2018. The hype over the 2019s is palpable. I think the decision comes down to whether you can wait. I NEED a car sooner, so I’ll probably get a 2018 loaner. In 3 years, the resigned models might be cheaper anyway. To answer your question, I hear that they’ll be debuted at the Paris motor show in October. I’ll let the real hackrs comment on the quality of your quote but wanted to provide some context.

MF is marked up (assuming you qualify for tier 1)

that’s only a 12% discount, i think 15 to 20 is what your looking for. buy rate is .00166, ask them what their standard markup from buy rate is, and say you’d like to pay none of it. All this talk about waiting for the 2019 is great, but i can guarantee you that bmw won’t be throwing these kind of incentives out there at launch, they’ll need slow sales for a few months before that will happen.


700+ credit is tier 1 for BMWFS, you should ask the dealer to do a buyrate of .00166, if they refuse either tell them to lower the selling price more or walk. The current deal is not aggressive enough to warrant a MF markup.

Keep in mind there is a 3k lease credit on the 3 series (5k for the e model)

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Thats not enough of a discount. I would suggest making it clear to the dealer that you will not enter the dealership until both parties are ready to sign a lease contract. That way they’ll maybe take your email/phone negotiations more seriously. However, you may need to stop in and show face, maybe test drive the car you’re targeting before you walk out then negotiate price. If you’re not comfortable doing all of this please consider all of the brokers listed as they will probably be able to manage your target price much more effectively and efficiently.