Decipher my s60 t6 r-design proposed deal

So I went to the dealer, and for some reason they were very dodgy about answering my specific questions. This the current offer I have. S60 t6 r-design. MSRP $53,210 Cap Cost: 46,337. 3yr/36k lease. Located in Southern California.

Translating this into the calculator just doesn’t seem to come out the same, no matter how many different ways I put it in. Included somewhere in the deal I believe is the 3k costco, 1k conquest and 1k from volvo leasing bonus. In California I believe those are all taxed correct?

I guess what I am wondering is what is the actual discount prior to incentives. Thanks in advance to everyone!

Had to add acquisition fee, license/registration and that random tire tax together bc the proposed deal isnt a true 0 das, there still is 1st months payment I believe… although not 100% sure about that lol.

If I had to guess based on the calculator, roughly a 6% discount.

You didn’t say in your PM that there was also 1k conquest. So I guess your discount is ~2% less, just below 8%

I was told there is the 1k conquest but it doesn’t show up in the offer, the guy just said that I qualify for it.

Why is it that there only shows up 1k in rebate and not all the other incentives ?

Ask them for the breakdown - selling price before any and all rebates/incentives + all applied rebates/incentives.

Is there conquest this month? It’s kind of odd that there is conquest and no loyalty in most regions…

No idea…

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Yeah in so cal at least it shows up on some dealers websites but not others. Using the Volvo website and doing the price calculations you can see the incentives as well.

Overall if I don’t apply for conquest I am only get 3k from Costco and 1k from Volvo.

Almost seems like I should just wait for better times.

No idea where you looked, but here is your answer, takes literally 1 minute. Zip 92009

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Try pushing to around 13% off MSRP + incentives (I believe $1k Volvo allowance is untaxed)

Is that a realistic discount on a brand new car? Seems high from what I’ve read others are getting.

I saw so far in socal are around 10%…maybe try volvo of south bay?

It’s not realistic on this car. You’re lucky to get 10%.

Don’t see any page like that on volvo’s site, URL?

Build -> Summary -> Payment estimator

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