Decent lease deal (Link included) on a 2019 Volvo S60 T6 R-Design Sedan?

Other Notes : Dealer’s GM is a neighbor of ours (which I know you sometimes need to question more), and feel like the residual is not right either. (Was at 54.5% a few weeks ago on a 12.0K lease, and just not sure the reduction to 52% on 15.0 K miles is fair, and / or inline to extra miles, which I want / need.

The car, though new, has 1700 on the ODO too.

We called a Costco (participating) dealer in NJ, and based on a $56.4 K model (all other terms similar to above calc’t), they had a lease payment at $554 with $2617. To ship to Idaho, would be both crazy and eliminate the difference.

Know this is maybe not the greatest deal, but really looking for fair or what COUNTER terms I should go in with.

Thank you all in advance for looking out for the populous. Amazing forum!!!

Start by going to edmunds and finding out the mf/RV/incentives for your area. Keep in mind that these change tomorrow and it may take a few days for the new numbers to come out.

With 1700 miles, this must be a loaner, so adjust your expectations for pre incentive discounts accordingly.

Your RV will reflect a penalty due to the mileage, so it’ll be lower than what Edmunds tells you. As for going going from 12k to 15k, a 2% reduction is standard.

I can tell you right now that this is not a good deal he is offering. You’ll need the above mentioned info to decide what is a good deal to counter with, but I suspect you’re currently thousands apart.

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You took the words out of my mouth.

What we’ve learned here is that, often, the “deals” “friends” offer are worse than Joe Blow would get if he walked in off the street.

I think I have actually seen one “friend” deal that was actually a legitimately good deal ever

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So…it sounds like a GRAY area (at best) via determining if this car is / was a loaner vs. highly driven test-drive car.

But legally, they can still call it “new” if it was never titled in the state.

Does it matter determining which of these things it ACTUALLY was, while I wait for Edmunds feedback back too?

Concerned when you say “$1000’s Off,” of course, but know / guessing this is something that will not be fully fleshed out, even with Edmunds returned info…but know important to have for an actual RV (for state / region), but let’s assume this figure is still that 2-3% off from the Lease Calculator. (Which may account for $1000-$1800 off the price)…and maybe some additional incentives from MFG in October.

How much additional would you markdown the car price to? At 1700 miles, this car is sort of in no-man’s land, as via the L.H. message boards, where the the typical loaner tends to have 5.0-6.0 K miles on it, based on feedback from other members, right?

Know we still have SOME work to go, to find a more relevant and fair(er) deal, but was wondering if there was more specific or directional feedback that could be given here too, or if a member is qualified to provide a better price to counter with today.

We know this dealership / neighbor will (likely) push back hard and say there is nothing more than they can do or help on price, but know we need to stand firm and / or be okay to walk away from this too. (Which for a ‘19 leftover…we are okay to do, and will not put this forum’s efforts and guidance to waste on making a bad deal either : )

Appreciate the confirmation of our fears / gut check on this…bless you all for being out there!

It’s not. If they adjust price for miles then it is a demo/loaner, but will still be leased as “new”. Hire @Benedetto

It being a loaner doesn’t prevent it from being titled as new. It does, however, lower your residual value because of the mileage penalty.

Right now, you’re at ~16% off POST incentives on a loaner. I’m sure you have seen during your reading on here comparing other loaners that that’s getting into the range of where you want to be PRE incentives. Those incentives can easily be $4-5k worth.

Honestly, if this is the “friends and family” deal that your neighbor is offering, I’d be surprised if he’s going to come down that much.

Unfortunately, Benedetto’s (Broker) first opening looks to be next week…

But will try a lower sales price (solo)…guessing they will (indeed) balk / walk away, but maybe he can help next week.

Know there is still some inventory of these floating around nationally, and just a car at the end if the day. A great car, but not one setting any sales records or being a consequence (Like a Demon or something limited / unique : )

He is being a good soldier for the dealership, and we both said (before any negotiating) that the neighborly relationship was first and foremost. We’ll go ahead and put that to the test, I suppose.

Will close the chain no matter what happens ahead-