December lease options for <$250/mo (Upd 12/12/19)

Honda Civic LX Sedan

I can do a 36/12 in New England for $199/Month plus tax w first and reg DAS


I didn’t see your Sept Toyota list so I didn’t have a post to link to.
Is it updated and I missed it? If so I’ll update info in orig post

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How sustainable that is and how low below $250 it goes?

Leaf SV

$139 + tax
$3000 DAS

24 m / 15k per year

Loyalty and VPP

Is there your post someone can easy find?
The idea is someone can find these deals without asking anyone directly.

I replied to an existing thread that was a couple of months old. Not sure how to link it as I’m new to this site.

That’s a unicorn demo that you have one of. Not in the spirit of this thread. Also it’s definitely not under $250/mo.

What is the definition of a unicorn demo?


It’s just lingo for many of the unbelievable demo deals we see. One of one. A singular dealer willing to take a loss on a singular car. Cannot be replicated.

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Got it. Thanks.

That was in reference to the cx5 he asked about. He asked if there was a post. Unfortunately, the others were in the post as well but not applicable to this thread.

Should have sep price sheets this week. Dealer was on vacation last week

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Ah sorry, I totally missed that.

Mike, noted.
Is there your Sept Honda thread so people can find this deal and I can link to?

Yes, I saw the threat but didn’t go inside to read because of Cadillac name in title.
Your CX-5 Touring is definitely on a cusp being included but if I take DAS and your broker fee even excluding sales tax Im not sure even with Grad/Military it would make under the cut $250.
I’m on the fence if it fits or not the parameter. I personally would exclude it because for me it would push beyond the limit and would have to stretch the definition of $250😀 But if someone is willing to add few dollars to splurge its up to them.
I’ll leave it off for now - sorry, got to make the cut somewhere and I feel it’s just misses by inches yes still does. But if people want it they will see it in the thread.
Again the only thing I’m trying to exclude is tax even though that still leave tons off room for mess with registration and docs. But at least I’m taking broker fee also into account since it’s technically still cost of the lease.

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I’m gonna do an update to my post as well but my CX-5 deals should make this cut. A CX-5 Sport FWD deal (to be added soon) All in might make the cut for this. To compare apples to apples with people taking loyalty into consideration, a CX-5 touring AWD with loyalty for me comes in at $233+Tax with $750DAS. Touring FWD would start to get into that sub $250 effective conversation too.

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Honda deals to come as well in the coming weeks!

Thank you! Not all of this is apples to apples yet and some won’t be because of MSD, rebates, loyalty, Costco needed to make into the cut.
But if replicable for a good number of people why not.

Added Toyota list, i3 has to be mentioned honorably:)

I think I have most of Sept options covered. I think few more brokers are still in the process of updating for likes of Honda, Toyota, Mazda. But that’s most of what I’ve seen posted and easily accessible.