December Jeep Cherokee Ltd $295+ Wrangler Willy’s $328+ Gc limited 399+ ram Laramie 399+!

For December

$57k ram Laramie $399+tax tags fees 42/10!!

$43k Grand Cherokee LTD 399+tax tags fees 39/10

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image I have Jeep Cherokee limiteds for $295 plus tax tags $37k msrp. For now this is the only Jeep deal I can offer. Loyalty can be applied for another $500 off.

Wrangler Willy’s 44k msrp $328 plus tax tags! 36/10

Or do a one pay on the Willys for around $10,000 tax tags fees inc depending on your state

2020 wrangler unlimited sport s auto trans.

$328/mo +tax tags 36/10 lease. $37k msrp

2020 Gladiator sport s $46k msrp is 350/mo 42/10 lease

Text for details


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I thought you were done with Chrysler? :joy::joy::joy::joy: Great deals though, I was just talking to my brother this morning about my dad’s next lease in the next few months and I said that I think a Gladiator could be doable under 400 with the right bank.

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do MSD’s help? and is there a bank issue with vrooms at end? thanks Don

Unless hes a wrangler guy, taco is a much better choice.

Good to see Jim back with Jeep deals.

I’m trying out a few Jeep deals. Def not going full in on Chrysler!


No msds. Usbank

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For every day stuff maybe, but if you’re looking to actually use it for something that needs 4WD and approach angles its kind of hard to beat a wrangler. Then again you probably don’t want to worry about a lease return if you are really gonna go off road.

The clear answer is to get both and see how they do. At least thats the excuse i gave to myself

Just sent you a text!

42/10 on the gladiator is a pretty good deal this month.

What trim is the gladiator?

It’s a Sport s

Any change to the Wrangler prices this month?

Not sure if my last post got deleted? Do you have any updates on Wrangler/Gladiators? And do you have any deals on Ram 1500 Big Horn or Laramie’s?

I’ll have pricing next week

Interested in the gladiator pricing. Would like to see with 15k miles if this is an option.

Hi Jim, interested in Gladiator lease pricing (manual transmission)


Hey Jim. Just checking back in on pricing for Ram Big Horn and Laramie’s and current Wrangler/Gladiator pricing. Thanks!

What are the numbers for the Cherokee Grand Limited with 12k miles…

These are pretty solid especially the Gladiator!