December Deals..Not as good as right now?

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Apologizes if there is a thread already like this, but I wanted to ask…I talked to two different salesmen and both said December is not a good time to get a car, since most 2018’s are gone and they are left with 2019’s. Is this true, not the fact that 2018’s are gone but that it is not a good time to lease a car?

It depends on the vehicle, but you can still find some unsold cars that are “new” 2015, 16, and 17 cars on the market. No one knows what the incentives, residuals, and money factors are going to be in December. However, you will never find a salesman that says “you should totally wait two months to buy this car.” They are going to do what they can to sell you a car this month.


Gotcha. I mean correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t one of the best times to get a car is during the end of December since it’s end of the year and they want to sell as much as possible?

All varies wildly. Some dealers might already have hit their goals and don’t care. Some might be desperate. Same thing for monthly and quarterly goals.

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Okay for sure. Thanks!

Yeah it can vary on dealer but also manufacturer. I used to sell Benz and my boss would always get excited for November/December with the winter event, the biggest rebates came in then. I know for BMW Oct/Nov is the best time.

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Yes I heard about the winter sales event, that’s the best time for Mercedes. Only if I could afford one lol. I am looking at Honda Toyota Nissan Kia Hyundai Mazda

Can you afford it? I am not sure how cheap you can get december for those cars to meet your financial needs. Usually they require current leases to get certain rebates, which you dont have.

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