Death of another Sedan

Thank god. Finally put that thing out to pasture. Way past its prime.


Definitely. Just way too old & boring

Just like wagons and coupes, everything will be sacrificed at the altar of the almighty SUV.

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Will take most of the year to convert Chatty plant. Lots of programming.

VW just gave up on it. Just look at how well Camry or Accord are doing.

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Dieselgate I suspect. After their kick in the pants, now all-in on EV future.

But i think manufacturers are only doing what consumers are telling them

rip in peace, but you won’t be missed.


They’re only doing what the highest paying consumers are paying for. They are Americans willing to over pay for the mysticism of an over priced SUV and they want to recreate that as many times over to bolster their coffers.

They can still make money on sedans, just can make more on SUVs so they go with the SUVs. Screw the variety.

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At some point rental car companies with be all suv’s.

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They just ended up in a bad spot. The new Euro Passat was too upmarket for America and they couldn’t afford to design a Passat just for the American market. That’s a choice they made but obviously building an all new American spec Passat wasn’t gonna make sense. Honda couldn’t have an American Accord either in all likelihood. But in fairness, I own a new Jetta and it’s a pretty mediocre car. If that’s the best they could do on a worldwide sedan design no way the Passat could beat out the Accord or Camry.

As for the SUV question, I’m a sedan guy but EVs are blurring the lines. Put the battery back under the car and some of these crossover/hatchbacks become pretty compelling.

I still miss my 2016 Passat R Line. It was a great car.

Oooo I think we had a Quantum / Passat in the 80s

They put all their marketing budget into SUVs and then claim that’s all consumers want.

I think the market was starting to speak for itself, before they reinforced it by telling us what we want.

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I think it was more like they saw the writing on the wall.

Sedan sales were trending downwards for a while.

They may have accelerated the “death” of sedans by not updating them enough or making them more appealing but i do believe consumer had started to switch…

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