DealSmith October Jeep, Dodge, & RAM Deals - NY/NY/CT/PA - Under Invoice on all 2021 Inventory - No Broker Fee

Hey everyone! I recently went through the rather annoying process of finding a deal on a new RAM 1500 for myself, spending time learning how FCA leases work, what a good deal is, and how to get there.

After trying with about 11 different dealerships, most of whom wouldn’t even touch invoice, I finally managed to find a partner who was willing to go below invoice and not tack on any BS fees. I also learned that due to COVID, CDJR stopped giving huge bonus rebates of $1k+ to dealers, and now it is a flat amount per car, in the $3-400 range, so these dealers don’t have as much room as they used to for dealer discounts.

I am offering all Jeep, Dodge, and RAM deals under invoice. The “dealer” fee that will show up on all of these deals will be a flat $400 to cover NYS Doc and DMV, with whatever isn’t used being refunded to the customer.

Please note: 2020 inventory is low. I will try to find you a suitable 2020 if I have one and it is a better deal, but generally speaking, we’re looking at 2021’s now for anything popular like Night Edition RAM.

Some cars within a certain distance may be eligible for free home delivery which can be determined after picking a vehicle.

PM ME With the Make, Model, and Trim of what you are looking for. Also include what term you want (36/10k, etc). Let me know if you have a another leased vehicle or are a returning another FCA vehicle for another rebate. First Responder and Military also get another $500 off.

Here are 2 deals on in stock vehicles:

2021 RAM 1500 Big Horn Crew Cab 4x4
$44,900 MSRP
$367/mo + Tax
36/10k Lease
$2,500 Incentive for all
Remove $500 if you don’t have another leased vehicle in the household
Calculator Link

2021 Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4
$43,900 MSRP
423/mo + Tax
36/10k Lease
$2,250 incentive for all
Remove $500 if you don’t have another leased vehicle in the household
Calculator Link

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Incentives on a Jeep GC Limited are:

$2,250 - Lease Bonus Cash
$1,000 - Lender Bonus Cash
$1,000 - Lease Bonus Cash
You didn’t include the bottom 2 in your calc, which the dealer should be giving as well.

Then Conquest/FCA Loyalty - $500

@mflid198 Incentives vary by region. This is in the region the dealer is located and will change based on where buyer is located.

That being said, you’re wrong, at least for my region, for a 2021.

Northeast BC Lease Cash 32LM1 - $1,750
Chrysler Capital 2021 Bonus Cash 20CM5 - $500

Any deals on a Dodge Charger R/T?

None in stock, only have an SXT.

To give everyone an idea, Jeep wise, over 120 vehicles in stock, RAM wise a little over 50. Dodge is short now, only about 15 in stock.

And Challenger is also SXT or is RT available?

Neither on Challengers. Just some Hellcat’s, hah.

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Lol! Not at that level yet. By any chance, do you work with other brands or only FCA?

Only other brand would be BMW.

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Sounds great! I’m located down South in Florida. Do you think we can work on a car?

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I’ve had a decent amount of inquiries, so to provide clarity, right now, I have a good amount of the following:

Jeep Grand Cherokee
Jeep Compass
Jeep Cherokee
RAM 1500

are hellcats worth leasing?

Any on deals on wrangler?

Generally speaking, no.

Yes, but I only have a few 2021’s on regular Wranglers. I have much more of the Wrangler Unlimited’s. PM me with the specifics of what you’re looking for and your ZIP.

Any 2021 JGC Overland with a V8 around? If not, possibly in the next 60 days?

I actually do have a V8 Overland. PM me.

If your using CCAP program on the Ram then there shouldn’t be a $595 bank fee.

No bank fee on the 36 month program.

Very impressive you found a dealer in New York willing to do $1,500 under invoice on GC Limiteds right now, I’m genuinely shocked :open_mouth: