DealSmith November Jeep, Dodge, & RAM Deals - NY/NY/CT/PA - Under Invoice on all 2021's - $277/mo Jeep Compass - No Fee

Hey everyone!

I am offering all Jeep, Dodge, and RAM deals under invoice. I am partnered with a dealer willing to go below invoice and not tack on any BS fees. You just pay the standard $75 NY doc fee.

Please note: I am out of 2020 inventory on anything halfway decent

Some cars within a certain distance may be eligible for free home delivery which can be determined after picking a vehicle.

PM ME With the Make, Model, and Trim of what you are looking for. Also include what term you want (36/10k, etc) and your ZIP. Let me know if you have a another leased vehicle or are a returning another FCA vehicle for another rebate. First Responder and Military also get another $500 off.

November Featured Deals:
I have many of these in stock, in different colors, and some with more options

Compass Latitude:
MSRP: $30,350
Selling Price: $28,872
Incentives: $2,750
Residual: 55% - 36/10k Term
Due at signing: 1st mo, DMV, $350 bank fee.
Monthly: 277/mo + tax

Compass Limited:
MSRP: $34,550
Selling Price: $30,911
Incentives: $1,750
57% Residual - 36/10k Term
Due at signing: 1st mo, DMV, $350 bank fee
Monthly: $309/mo + tax

Cherokee Limited:
$2,250 in incentives
42mo/10k term
299/mo + tax
Only 1st and DMV at signing. Bank fee waived this month.

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Any deals on a Dodge Charger R/T?

None in stock, only have an SXT.

To give everyone an idea, Jeep wise, over 120 vehicles in stock, RAM wise a little over 50. Dodge is short now, only about 15 in stock.

And Challenger is also SXT or is RT available?

Neither on Challengers. Just some Hellcat’s, hah.

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Lol! Not at that level yet. By any chance, do you work with other brands or only FCA?

Only other brand would be BMW.

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Sounds great! I’m located down South in Florida. Do you think we can work on a car?

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I’ve had a decent amount of inquiries, so to provide clarity, right now, I have a good amount of the following:

Jeep Grand Cherokee
Jeep Compass
Jeep Cherokee
RAM 1500

are hellcats worth leasing?

Any on deals on wrangler?

Generally speaking, no.

Yes, but I only have a few 2021’s on regular Wranglers. I have much more of the Wrangler Unlimited’s. PM me with the specifics of what you’re looking for and your ZIP.

Any 2021 JGC Overland with a V8 around? If not, possibly in the next 60 days?

I actually do have a V8 Overland. PM me.

If your using CCAP program on the Ram then there shouldn’t be a $595 bank fee.

No bank fee on the 36 month program.

Very impressive you found a dealer in New York willing to do $1,500 under invoice on GC Limiteds right now, I’m genuinely shocked :open_mouth:

I think that was just in there from when I selected Jeep in the calculator, I’ll have to update.

A sample deal that I have available for anyone looking:

Wrangler Sport 4 door [manual windows/locks]
$39045 MSRP, $36790 sale price
ALLY lease
48 months, 10k/yr
6.6 rate, 81% residual
$299/month + Tax
Inception fees due, $695 bank fee

I also have some Gladiators which seem to be leasing pretty well.