DealSmith March Jeep, Dodge, & RAM Deals - NY/NJ/CT/PA - Under Invoice on all - GREAT TRUCK DEALS THIS MONTH!

Hey everyone!

I am offering all Jeep, Dodge, and RAM deals under invoice. We only charge the NYS limit of $75 for doc fees.

Feel free to Call or Text me at 516-660-9258

PM ME With: Make, Model, and Trim of what you are looking for. Also include what term you want (36/10k, etc) and your ZIP. Let me know if you have a another leased vehicle or are a returning another FCA vehicle for another rebate. First Responder and Military also get another $500 off.

FOR APRIL 2021 DEALS: Due to the fact that CDJR dealers can use many different banks, it takes some time to get programs from all of them, and then see which combination of incentives, money factors, and residuals will provide the best deal for a given model. I will have accurate pricing later in the week. If I were to price now, it might not be the best or cheapest available, so I’d rather wait a few days and error on the side of the best deal.

If you’d like to get a discussion started on what you’re looking for before new pricing comes out, PM me here or text/call to discuss at 516-660-9258


Any deals on a Dodge Charger R/T?

And Challenger is also SXT or is RT available?

Lol! Not at that level yet. By any chance, do you work with other brands or only FCA?

Only other brand would be BMW.

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Sounds great! I’m located down South in Florida. Do you think we can work on a car?

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are hellcats worth leasing?

Any on deals on wrangler?

Any 2021 JGC Overland with a V8 around? If not, possibly in the next 60 days?

If your using CCAP program on the Ram then there shouldn’t be a $595 bank fee.

No bank fee on the 36 month program.

Very impressive you found a dealer in New York willing to do $1,500 under invoice on GC Limiteds right now, I’m genuinely shocked :open_mouth:

I think that was just in there from when I selected Jeep in the calculator, I’ll have to update.

Any Durango deals?

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What do numbers look like for a Durango? My cousin returning his Durango end of this month so he’s looking for a replacement. I think he has GT model right now.

How equipped is the SXT Plus and what would the numbers look like?

Pm sent. Looking to get a ram night or black package

What ram 1500 models are available?? I also have a 2017 ram 1500 Laramie with 18-19k miles to hand in. My lease was up sept 4th but extended my lease until I find something

Do not return your current truck. Sell it to Vroom, Carvana or AlGo. You should have big equity on it.

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I think I owe $28k and change for buy out. Thanks for your help!!

@Zenek thanks for the help