Deals on Hyundai Nexo

I have been browsing a lot on the fuel cell vehicles and I am really impressed with the Hyundai Nexo. Do you guys have any good lease deals on the Nexo?

Yup. Refueling these is a nightmare at the moment in NorCal.

They are so hard to find a blue trim version and just a few dealers that have some allocated like Keyes Hyundai ads thousands to the cost with dealer installed accessories. They think it’s so rare that they can get away with that. I am trying with Tustin but there is a waiting list.

Interested also, if anyone leased one. Are you happy with it?

Leased one over the weekend. So far very happy with it. Haven’t tried to refuel yet

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@igdigergerbs, Congratulations!

Were you able to get the advertised lease rates ($3k down and $399/mo for the blue trim)?

And did it come with the 3 yr/$13k free fuel card?

Lastly (I promise!), did you lease in SoCal or NorCal?

Thanks in advance…

Socal (Tustin). Yes to the fuel card. The 3k down and 399 advertisement for blue (base) excludes drive offs (TTL) and monthly tax, based on my memory. I got a limited (I think ad was 449/mo, more than 3k down?). I did 3k total due at signing and 560 a month inclusive of tax. They added two items to cap cost that I would not buy if I had bargaining power (nobody does with nexo)… They were shadow mark and they protection or some garbage like that. Anyways, the CVRP increased rebate brings it to effective ~450/mo. Fuel included so avoiding that gas cost is another 100 month in avoided costs, so I’m (well, wife) content, especially for the size of features of the suv. Car is awesome. I live in LA.

Great, thank you for the quick reply! I’ve not done my homework on lease terminology yet, but as you said no real bargaining to be had anyway, so it’s just helpful to at least know what others have paid. And I agree about the value of the gas (and planet!) savings.

Did you have to be on a waiting list forever? Or did you just walk in?

I tried to test drive one few months back and couldn’t get to even do that… seems like nothing was ever in stock …

In mid July both socal dealers received about 15 units each. I put myself on a “wait list” at Tustin because van Nuys was 2k more without the extras Tustin added to cap cost. The wait list given the large supply of inventory was really just me texting the internet guy to see inventory, and when it got down to 2 units I just went in and got the car that weekend. In the spring, there was a real wait list and Tustin made you submit a credit app to get on it

Yeah the stock issue is hilarious. When van nuys got 16ish units in I asked to test drive and they just said no because it’s hydrogen. Tustin let people test drive though

I test drove the car at Keyes. They wanted me to pay top dollar. I passed. I leased a Honda Accord EX instead for $300 per month tax included.

Did they give you the 10k over msrp because of supply and demand bit too? What blows my mind is that they were 2-10k more than Tustin but still moved their inventory. I guess there’s a lot of gazelles out there

What the insurance on this thing, on my Mirai it was almost as much as BMW 5 series

$60 more per policy period (6 Mos) than my bolt premier. It doesn’t make sense to me but I’ll take it. I have a crazy good 100/300 rate though, ymmv

This is the reason I passed on the Nexo a few months ago. Even with the gas card, the savings did not make much sense. The intermittent issues with hydrogen stations also are a concern.

yeah, I live near a refinery that also makes H2 (aka former Toyota HQ, rip) and even the pump there runs out…norcal is still having severe shortages apparently(alex on auto’s mentions this on his FB).

I talked to a CVRP person that has a Nexo Blue as a “company” car and she said “I have to go to CSULA and beg them for fuel once in a while, due to the quasi governmental status of CVRP they can give me some but otherwise they can’t even sell fuel to the public”

which also made me want to cross off the Nexo Limited even though it checks every one of my boxes minus price for my next lease, and that Krell system is to die for

I just started looking into leasing one.

Currently being quoted $6,550 down then either $399/mo+tax for Blue and $459/mo+ tax for Limited

I guess since the inventory is low they are tacking on $3,550 to the down payment

Too much Down.

Yah, I don’t know how much room there is to negotiate. The $3,000 down offer was for a 2019, not the 2020. (~$22,350 total for 36/12k) - $4,500 CVRP and $13,000 in fuel. also includes basic maintenance and some rental days.

Clarity is $2,999 down with $379/mo, and no negotiation from what I understand. ($18,007 total for 36/20k) - $4,500 CVRP and $15,000 in fuel. no maintenance included, 21 rental days.

Best I can figure is we’d use $8-10k in fuel over 3 years.

So 3 year totals:
$7,850 - $9,850


$5,507 - $7,507

Mainly want to get a carpool sticker and replace our 2011 mazda3, have a 7 seater SUV, so the clarity would probably suit our needs

Didn’t Outlander PHEV have 7 a seats version? No other option on H as far as i know.