Deals on Honda Odyssey SE or Toyota Sienna?

I’m looking for a the best price on a sign and drive deal. I need at least 12k per year. Interested in Odyssey SE or comparable Sienna or even an SUV if there is enough room. Any suggestions? I’m looking to be under $350 including CT taxes.

You should be able to do the Odyssey for under $350 sign and drive 12k. See example in link from Weymouth Honda. They are aggressive on pricing so you will have to find a dealer willing to do the same or similar in CT.

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Thank you. It seems like they have the Odyssey EX-L on an even better special or am I reading something wrong?

Agree 100%. 30 bucks more a month for the EX-L which retails for 2500 more is a no brainer although that will take you over your 350 cap.

With 6.75% CT tax I think it puts me at $340. Am I figuring wrong? Thank you for your help!

I show 361.06 for the EX-L with 6.75 tax. Keep in mind, obtaining this price is dependent on finding a dealer who will take a deal like this in CT. Weymouths pricing is a good benchmark to use as an example of an “outstanding deal” IMO, but not many dealers will be willing to go this low as they are more than likely not making any money on the individual sales but are making it on volume. In my experience, dealers are more likely to take a deal like this at EOM if they are close to making their monthly Honda sales goal.

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Totally willing to drive to Weymouth if they won’t match!

Brian that is an awesome source!

Thank you for that share, never seen a dealership share so much straight forward information.

I don’t expect that in SoCal that’s for sure.

That’s an excellent link for helping me set a target price… Thanks!

Maybe we’re not looking at the same thing but $435 for a 2016 mid-range model (EXL navi) and 600+ for a 2017???