Dealerships - Is anyone else getting free Cargurus leads?

I cancelled them about 9 months ago and after all the stuff went down I am now getting free leads from them. I confirmed twice with the business office that they have not invoiced us. Before their scandal CG was a dumpster fire because the only vehicles that were listed at the top as amazing deals had 2-3k+ added in nitrogen, door guards, etc. when you get there.

Carguru is a scam. They charge you for the lead and then sell them to your competitors instead.

Instruct dealers to power book used cars to make it look like “good deal”

Biggest customer is Carvana

Yes I did see what was uncovered with CarGurus recently. I am just trying to figure out if because of the scandal they are now just pulling random inventory to have enough to show customers and possibly try to show dealerships they have value.

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