Dealership out of business before turning in lease

I have a Buick Encore lease from the $100/month promo a couple years ago. Just noticed that the dealership I got it from is now out of business. Have never had a lease before this and haven’t heard anything from GM…but, out of curiosity, where do I turn this in? The lease ends January 1st. Thanks!

The car doesn’t belong to that dealership, it belongs to the bank. You can return your lease to any GM dealership.


You can turn it in to any GM dealer. In many cases even other dealers and the leasing company will come and get it.

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You may want to call for an inspection at home, since you’re within the 30 day window. This way you know what they will charge you for as far as damage or mileage overage goes, this way the dealership doesn’t try to play games w/ you and pressure you to take a new lease from them.


Rumor has it they gave away too many $100/mo Buick Encores and the rest is history.

As others said, as long as it’s an Ally lease and not US Bank, any GM dealer can accept it. Get your pre-return inspection done 60-90 days out, and a week before you want to turn it in call that dealer and make an appointment (preferably not a weekend) to drop it off.

Don’t volunteer you haven’t been there before or had it serviced there.

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Are all GM dealers also Ally dealers (even tho Ally is no longer a part of GM)?

My understanding was Ally is still GM’s captive but someone correct me if I’m wrong. My sister leased a 2013 GMC Terrain Denali, Ally was the captive then but US Bank had better residual/mf so she leased with them.

No, Ally is a separate company now. GM Financial is now GM’s captive.