Dealership Offering Complimentary Test Drive :)

I have to share this e-mail I received:

Dear Pavel,

Thank you for interest in Mercedes-Benz of (…). We received notification that you are interested in a Mercedes-Benz C Class and we are offering you a complimentary test drive of at your convenience with Alan
(…). Please advise when is the best date and time for you to visit the facility to discuss your options.

Warm Regards,

You should jump on that deal! I’ve never seen anything like it. :rofl:

just when i thought that 330e deal couldn’t be beat, this comes along…

Whoa can you PM everyone the dealer? Is this replicable in SoCal?

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This is nothing. I even got paid $50 for test driving while waiting for my car being serviced. Can PM you my dealer info, but you’ll have to fly in.


$50 and a plane ride? What are we waiting for?

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Ugh - I hate these e-mails when negotiating a lease.

Dealer: We have the car - when can you come drive?
Me: I just need some pricing info
Dealer: Sure - what trim and model?
Dealer - We have 2 of those cars - when can you come drive? :expressionless:


I swear some of those sales reps are actually robots. It’s amazing how they are trained to ignore customers and simply push their agenda.

I hope these guys are learning to detail and do dealer prep kind of work for when Amazon eventually decides to just go ahead and drink their milkshake up.


Amazon would be the worst thing for consumers man. It would wipe all competition and raise prices. It would also slash employees and hurt job mobility in this country like the groceries with no cashiers and such. Same thing i see with big medical groups bying private practices. They simply do not negotiate, where as small mom and pop dental/medical offices would negotiate copay or deductibles if they were large. And most importantly there would be no more leasehacking. I guarantee you that.

All that aside the statement is still true. It will be good for Amazon itself.