Dealer's won't honor price when it's a Lease?

Talking to several different dealers, once they find out I want to Lease it falls apart. This typical with dealers? Any and all suggestions welcomed. Thanks

It’s very common that incentives (and as a result selling price) are different for finance and lease.

@cpoulos What’s the spread?

One approach is to ask for a sales price before any manufacturer incentives.

Also common when they want to use their own finance house and can advertise a bigger discount based on you financing through them.

Acadia Denali’s 17% off msrp for select stock. I did see the fine print which stated “not for leases”. Wondering if anybody has had any luck working around these things.

It is the same thing with GM and their 20% off stickers. They don’t work with leases.


Nothing to work around - GM usually runs these X% off programs on select vins. They do not push them on leases. as leases already have ‘lease’ cash on them.

Sometimes the lease rebates jump - other times it doesn’t.

Seeing that now, Thank you


That should always be the first step.

Price before rebates - rebates + fees and tax.