Dealer's quote does not match lease calculator result


I just ran my quote over lease calculator on this website and it does not add up. Could someone please explain me what I’m missing?

This is my quote from dealer

MSRP: $65,020
Selling Price: $58,175
Holiday Credit: $3,000
MF: 0.00152
Res: 59%

On the lease calculator, I entered the following values. I did not change fee values.

MSRP: 65020
Sale Price: 58175
Money Factor: 0.00152
Miles: 10,000
Months: 36
Residual: 59%
Sales Tax: 9.5%

It shows monthly payment (include tax) as $793. As this does not include holiday credit of $3,000, I re-entered Sales Price as 55175. Now monthly shows $697.

However, my dealer sent me $724.89 as my monthly payment (including tax).

What am I missing?

I think you have to fill 3000in taxed incentives

Calculator never shows the dealer value.

Holiday money may or may not be taxed. You’d need go to down the dealer sheet line by line and figure out where to put all the misc. fees into the calculator. My old BMW contract has 8 different fees listed.

Thank you. I just tried it and it is still off by $27.

Thank you. Ah…that’s why lease calculators over the web never seemed to work…

Is tax levied on the monthly payment or on the vehicle? Did your dealer roll in all your fees into his payment? $27 is almost $1k, so is it the lease acq fee?

Meaning is he rolling it in and you are paying it upfront in your calculations?

I get $697/mo with $1,71o up-front:,020&sales_price=58,175&months=36&mf=.00152&dp=0&doc_fee=300&acq_fee=925&taxed_inc=3000&untaxed_inc=0&rebate=0&resP=59&reg_fee=400&sales_tax=9.5&memo=&monthlyTax_radio=true&miles=10000&msd=0

I believe he is rolling everything into my payment.

This is what he sent me.

0 down payment - Drive off only ($1,597)- $662 + tax
2k down payment- $651 + tax
3k down payment-623 + tax

Tax is 9.5%, so it would be

0 down payment - Drive off only ($1,597)- $724.89
2k down payment- $712.845
3k down payment- $682.185

BTW, your links shows 15,000 miles with 60 Res.

Doc fee is only $80 as far as I know.

I updated it to 36/10 @ 59%.

Did you ask him to break out the $1,597 in drive offs? Ask him for a copy of the lease worksheet that he is using.

Thank you @rkinra for the reply again!

He refused to give me worksheet as he thinks his quote is too aggressive. He shared…partial screenshot (yes partial, not full) in 240x240 pixels image…(yes it is that tiny). Zoomed in photoshop and I have the following numbers

MSRP: 65,020
L.E.V. Rt/Amt: 59%, $38,361.80
Initial CAP COST: $58,175
Customer Cash Down: $3,000
Total Cap Reduction: $4,3226
Adjusted Cap Cost: $54,773
Money Factor: 0.00152
Term: 36
Rebate: $3,000
Acq. Fee: $116
Total Add Cap Cost: $925
License Fee: $489
Cash Cap Reduction: $1326
Base Monthly: $623
Total Working Cash: 3,000

I still can’t add up these numbers against his monthly quote as his screenshot is partial. It’s missing other fees. It still looks better other my other quotes (including Greg’s from your recommendation). I think I will bite it soon.