Dealers not honoring advertised price

I’m don’t consider that an ad, especially when it’s listed on a 3rd party website. The disclaimer even states, “We make every effort to provide accurate information, but please verify with the dealer before purchasing.”


Yes, the agreement that says they agree to sell it for the price and duration provided to edmunds. So do you have documentation that shows what prive and what duration the dealer provided to edmunds?

Thus far, the only thing shown seems to be an edmunds listing, with no guarantee to the accuracy of it or way of knowing where their information came from.

If the pricing was on the dealer’s own website, it might be a different story.

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OP, are you more interested in getting a car at a fair price or in fighting a pointless battle? If it’s the former, contact the broker who was already recommended.

If it’s the second, e-mail Edmunds to complain and then contact the broker recommended to get a car.



If you read the complete ad:

“Price excludes government fees and taxes, any finance charges applicable to a financed purchase, any electronic filing charge (not to exceed $29), and any emission testing charge. Dealer is under no obligation to include or offer any additional equipment, products or services. Does not include dealer added on accessories.”

So they can sell it at that advertised price and then include accessories as well.


I bought a Civic last May in NorCal and almost nobody honored the Trucar numbers which in most cases already included a markup. Once contract is signed you might have some recourse but making a dealer to sell you a car is an uphill battle. If Safeway mislabeled the price of a can of soda they probably have to sell it to you at the advertised price.

I say move on. Reach out to @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto

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Have you contacted a lawyer? You’re wasting your time here. Just contact the broker if you want the car, but you’re not going to find someone in here that says “you’re absolutely right, let’s launch a crusade against this dealership.”

Honestly you are fighting a losing battle.

  1. The Dealer site is not advertising that, Edmunds is. (But possibly put there by the dealer but no 'proof)
  2. You would have to buy and then sue / class action to get any satisfaction.
  3. The dealer will not give you that price because they only sell to suckers.
  4. At the lawsuit the Dealer will blame Edmunds, and will likely win.
  5. Just talk to @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto and he can get you a car at a good price (with his broker fees of course)
  6. You are not the first poster on this forum about True Car / KBB / Edmunds / Rodo / etc
  7. You can’t force the dealer and saying I’ll sue you is worth the breath it was spoken with.

PS : Welcome to why car dealers work at ‘Stealerships’

Do you want a car or do you just want to win?

Because let’s say you get a lawyer, the dealer can say they charge
$1k for tints all around
$500 for floor mats
$500 for nitrogen filling tires
$2000 for ceramic pro

That’s $4k right worth of accessories they added on top of MSRP

Either this Internet forum full of strangers is telling you to drop the pursuit.
Either most of the people who posted above are being unreasonable or you are.

Ok, I went to the dealer’s site for the exact car:

Scrolling down to the bottom, it shows -

Payment Options



MSRP: $25,045

Don’t just focus on 1 section, look at the end


Keep showing “proof” to the community is not going to help you get the car.


How has this thread survived this long???


You’ll want to immediately get in touch with the attorney general for your state. NYC Simone can help with that.


Who in this world would pay an 8k markup in an HRV-V? OP, seriously, just let it go and either find a new dealer or use the broker. You’re banging your head against the wall here. You won’t get this community to tell you otherwise no matter how many screen shots and links you show us.