Dealers need to be "verified" before they can post

To help mitigate trolls and fake / unscrupulous salespeople I would like to ask we have a dealer verification requirement.

The Mods get the verification of dealer license and business card with drivers license


Do three verifiable “good deals” (e.g. @loberant) and don’t need to do the above.

Also- if they are going to advertise their “amazing” lease offers, it must be accompanied by a full deal sheet -based on ideal credit, with an MSD option alternate below.

Finally- they can deal with users in Private Messages, but the above applies that they must offer full deal sheet before the user is expected to call them or hand over their contact details.

I think the above would keep the forum be safer and maintain the principles upon which it is founded - to expose the exact lease information a buyer wants to know, with no bullshit.


I like this idea. Also, all the deals should be required to be presented with zero cap cost reduction, or else immediately deleted. The ‘deals’ that stupid dealers present with large cap reduction are quite annoying.

$199/month, $1999 down! Buy today!


Agreed - minimum drives and excl tax - ppl here can tax their own region using the calculator.

And also pre quote any finance manager add ons…that would be nice


I like the idea… execution could be simpler. If they can be reached at the dealer’s main line / switchboard then they clearly work there.

They can post any structure (doesnt have to be 0 CCR) because hackrs can modify as desired.

But need full breakdown of cap cost + RV/MF etc.

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I don’t like this idea. Moderators are here to help us and not do our work for us. They have enough to do already. It should be our responsibility to do due diligence on dealers if we decide to respond to their ads. Also, there is enough information sharing about dealers - good or bad.


Yes, I see your point - I don’t think there are a huge number of dealers or brokers on the forum (?) , so really how much effort is there?

If dealers want the privilege of access to a motivated buyer market, and want to tout deals, there really should be some checks and measures in place. There have been some fakes on here, and that’s not on. Of course, once the buyer and dealer connect, it’s up to they buyer to do their diligence on the final deal etc.

If it is Herculean efforts then perhaps regional coordinators can assist moderators, with limited responsibilities and moderating capabilities?

It can be auto-modded to some extent- dealers tick a “dealer” box at sign up, it gives them the forum dealer communication policy, and the ability to post a deal which requires them to complete a deal sheet as a form. The form won’t submit as a post unless it’s competed. Simples?

It’s not just about effort. This is an open forum and moderators decide what is allowed and what is not. There are some forums that explicitly forbid any forms of advertisement. This place does not. There have been multiple instances here where some dealers were shown that “standard” deals will not work here. As well as people like loberant have been praised for their deals (BTW: loberant had not been vetted when he joined). So, I believe it should stay self-regulating until it gets out of hand, like with notorious CarPhan and all his incarnations.

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Vetting might not be a big deal right now as people would realize soon enough if someone does not honor their deals.
But the idea of advertisement only in standard format is very good. Prevents cluttered posts in which people try to get basic info one at a time by asking.

This is a good idea, yes.

Extreme vetting is needed! Extreme!!!

Yes, and not just for dealers! :slight_smile:

7 minute abs…now that’s extreme :wink:

the idea itself great, not everybody will like it though