Dealer refuses to send me lease worksheet over email

I’ve been negotiating with 15-20 Toyota dealers in the region, and he sort of agree on 21% off MSRP, but he refuses to agree on my itemized lease terms such as, RV, MF, acquisition fee etc…

He finally gave up his doc fee after I insisted him, but here is his response in email.

Our documantion fee is $799. Our company policy is to not quote of payment of any kind until we have a signed credit application proving your financials, and this is to insure that we are giving you the best given financial offer. What time can I expect you?

What do you suggest that I should do? walk-in? or insist to send me lease worksheet? at least manager’s approval words in email?

Find another dealership - that’s what you should do.


Other dealers gave me 16-19% off MSRP on 2019 RAV4, and so far he’s offering the best, 21%, so it’s very attractive, but at the same time, I’m afraid this is another bait-and-switch tactic.

Again, why waste your time with a dealer who won’t give you all the figures and wants to try to lock you in by fooling you into submitting a credit app before finalizing things?

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GOTCHA!!! it makes perfect sense. NEXT!

thank you sir.


Obviously something to hide, move along to a new dealer.


“Understood. Thank you for your time. I don’t want to waste yours, so I will move forward with another dealership.”


There’s some great broker deals in your area, you reach out to them at all? The highlander seems like more vehicle for the money too

He’s not sending you numbers over email because you’re shopping his price with a million other places when you’re just purchasing one car, you’re wasting so many peoples time doing that.

I think this post belongs in r/askcarsales

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And why wouldn’t you do that? A car is a commodity that you can buy from anywhere. This is how we shop for just about everything. Would you buy insurance from an agent that wouldn’t give you a price till you came to his office and did a credit check? Of course not. Then why is this OK with cars.

You are not wasting his time this is his job. Sometimes you make a deal and sometimes you don’t. Salespeople that have that attitude will never be successful. You never know where your next sale will come from.

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That’s literally all someone WHO SELLS CARS FOR A LIVING has time to do! WTF?


Do you sell cars or work in a dealership?

So what do you suggest? Walk in, waste 5 hours at the dealer and sign a mediocre deal?


Move on to a different dealer. They can offer you 30% off but then add in tons of fees etc. So the 21% off is pointless unless you know you are getting everything else at base but I doubt he will do that.

I totally agree with you.

Do you? Bc if that’s how you think the business works I’d urge you to find a new career.


Selling cars is a numbers game, talk to more people, sell more cars. And if you’re good, your closing ratio will be better than the average bear. Can’t tell you how many cars I sold over the phone, if you’re straight with people and don’t jack them around they’ll come in, especially when they have to deal with some joker that wants you to come in, fill out an app etc.


Reply back with a smiley face and a peace sign :slight_smile:

Yeah sure, but you might want to consider being a member for well more than an hour before making asinine assertions.

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