Dealer never sent paperwork to bank

Hey guys, just figured I’d throw up this question real quick as we are on way to dealer now…

My brother leased GMC canyon, signed paperwork about a month ago. He never received anything from bank for account setup or payment. Dealer said bank never received paperwork.

So dealer now says they are going to send paperwork today and wants my brother to make payment and they will send in with the paperwork to bank.

Fyi he paid first month at signing already…

Does it sound like something fishy is going on or ok to cut a check to dealer? What would this mean for the length of the lease?

sounds like they are in the doghouse and trying to offer up your ‘2nd payment’ as a bone.
Ask them to unwind the car since they didn’t get financing for it.
(If that is even possible)
And get a new one.

Mistakes happen, I wouldn’t necessarily assume anything fishy however I would triple check with the dealer that the original contract terms are still in place with regards to start date, number of payments remaining, etc.

Turns out the bank just never got the paperwork… Like the dealer said… You can close this one 🤷 thanks!