Dealer gave me $17000 off for the EQE350 SUV,is this ok?

EQE350 MSRP:80400
after “$17000”
but it still like $4000+ due at signing and 915monthly
do I miss anything?

I don’t know. Put it in the calculator


Rate markup is important to know in this instance.

Yes potential for great deal. Please post discount breakdown

Doesn’t sound like a great deal.

Given the large down and high lease payments, I’m pretty certain they’re including all the lease incentives into that $17,000 number, such as the $7,500 EV, conquest and fleet if you do qualify. Those can all come to be almost $11,000 by themselves. So, then the dealer discount off MSRP before incentives is just really $6,000. That’s pretty bad (at least compared with CA dealers). In CA, 12% dealer discount before incentives is a given, even in a poor dealer incentive month right now.


99% sure this is the case :point_up:t4:


thank you bro, but most Mercede and BMW dealer don’t give a f…k in MA.
I’m so jealous CA have such good offers.

Thank you. I will go and talk to them on Monday.

It almost looks like they made it clear that they have no intention to give you a good deal. Just move on.

do you know what’s the good number or $$ off for recent eqe suv?
I know it won’t be replicable for eqs…

You’re looking at 750+tax with 3000 down by my estimation

I know. but in MA , BMW and Mercedes dealers don’t do any discount …

That sucks to hear. Wonder why in MA. Not as many dealers?
Good luck on your quest for a good deal.

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Why does it have to be a local dealer? Brokers here can help you. Check the marketplace section.

The Mercedes-Benz and BMW dealerships in Massachusetts are all monopolized by Herb Chambers and Group1Auto. Brokers generally do not engage in business in this area.

The Mercedes and BMW dealers are all monopolized by Herb Chambers and Group1Auto here🤣

$17,000 sounds about right.
Because I am around $9,000 dealer discount plus $7,500 PHEV and $1,500 Affinity.

Thank you for always being patient and providing useful information to everyone.
wish your dealer can do the outside state business. NORTHESAST MERCEDE dealer won’t discount a penny

I had been doing out of state business