Dealer Fees on Wrangler 4xe

The fees are atrocious. Shake hands and say a final goodbye. Order your 4xe.


Registration is what is. At least our property taxes are low. Acquisition fee is the lender and paid at inception. Doc fee is inline locally (hint if you go to Ca and buy it is $80). Dealer prep is the BS charge local dealers are starting to charge (as if the doc fee isn’t already crazy enough). You need to make your offer inclusive of the doc and prep fees- or reduce your offer by that amount. It is profit for the dealer and can come off of the sales price. Also pay attention to the money factor as that is the other place to pad the deal. Reach out to @Clutch and see what he can do for you. His fee may be way better than the overall deal you have. However with the crazy car market right now you may have trouble getting what would have been considered a good deal a few months ago.

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